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    International Sex Icon

    Gracie is a 24 year old self -diagnosed narcissist with a Napoleon complex. She takes 2 bubble baths a day and doesn't know how to change a tire.


    Not Kris Jenner

    Ivan is a suspiciously good looking lawyer who recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming a professional SUR waiter. His hobbies include shaming Matthew, drinking, and being unapologetically vain.


    A sweet southern boy with dignity and class​

    Matthew is 20-something years old and resides in Beyonce's birth place Houston. He feels as though Jessica Simpson describes him best "the real me is a southern girl with the levi's on and an open heart".


    God's Most Quarrelsome Angel

    Samantha is a 24 year old from the Detroit area but please dont ask if she lives on 8 mile. She is a notorious cyber bully and loves nautical stripes.

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